Welcome to St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church.

We are a vibrant faith community of individuals from here and away, year-round and summer residents, cradle Episcopalians and people who grew up in the other faith traditions and Christian denominations, questioners, and seekers.

We are all ages, single, married, partnered, divorced, and widowed. We come from a spectrum of political beliefs and are united in our commitment to the Body of Christ. We share a variety of spiritual practices and liturgy throughout the week that are both traditional and contemporary.

We recognize that worship includes transformative service in our local community and in the world.

Wherever you are on your path, all are welcome.


Worship Opportunities

Sunday 9 a.m. (one service until Palm Sunday) 

Wednesday 9 a.m.

Friday 8.15 a.m.

Coffee Hour on Sundays after the service

Please see Worship page for more detailed information.