Monthly Archive: November 2011

Wall behind Altar is being repaired

As we write this, Charlie Plourde & Company are finishing up shingling the outside and painting the inside of the altar wall. The leak was found, the wall is now well-insulated and stronger framing...

New Sound System is in!

The upgrades to the sound system were installed this week. Neal Wetmore of PCB Sound will be at church on Sunday at both services and in between to help with any questions.

Thanksgiving Boxes

Once again Hannaford is offering complete meal boxes for $10. The box contains all the fixings (canned vegetables, condiments, dessert, etc.) for a dinner except for the meat. You order a box at the...

Interfaith Meditation

Led by The Rev. Bonnie Versboncoeur, Zen Buddhist Priest, and Martha every Wednesday morning from 7 to 8 a.m. in the St. Margaret’s Parish Hall upstairs.

Need a Sub at Services?

Call Sheila Seekins, our Seminarian, if you are unable to make it on Sunday. Reach her at: or 594.1937

Food Cupboard Notes

IT’S OUR TURN!: St. Margaret’s turn to run the Greater Bay Area Ministerium’s Food Cupboard coincides with Thanksgiving this year. So with people traveling and celebrating here at home, we’re really going to need...