Moroccan food is next …. and see pics from November potluck

Twenty-eight parishioners came to St. Margaret’s Thanksgiving rehearsal dinner last Saturday and spread out a feast, more than two dozen dishes and desserts. The bounty was so great that clean-up crew leaders Susan and Doug Mayer were able to prepare and deliver a sampling platter for Joan and Fred Clemons, somewhat home-bound since Joan’s surgery.

Our next potluck, Saturday, Dec. 8, will again feature “a global cuisine,” this time Moroccan.  Recipes will soon appear on the Time and Talent Table in the parish hall. In the meantime, here is what Parun Pereira of writes about that culture’s sweet tooth: “The people of Morocco love desserts. A dessert commonly consumed all over the region is ‘Kaab el Ghazal,’ which consists of almond paste stuffed in a pastry, coated with powdered sugar. Another favorite is ‘Halwa Hebakia,’ pieces of glazed and salted dough, deep-fried and immersed in honey and topped with sesame seeds… ‘Zucre Coco,’ fudge cakes made from coconut, are also popular.”

Dinner will be at 6. Bring friends and your own beverages.