Spiritual Themes in the Poetry and Song of Leonard Cohen

What: A one–hour talk

Title: An Introduction to the Spiritual Themes in the Poetry and Song of LEONARD COHEN

When: October 8th 7:00PM

Where: St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church Parish House, 95 Court St., Belfast

Admission: Free and open to the public

 Leonard Cohen, the “Golden Voiced” Canadian singer songwriter, has engaged in a life-long exploration of the great Wisdom traditions, East and West. His most recent album, Olds Ideas, is particularly rich in spiritual themes. Cohen spent several years as a Zen monk in the 1990s, and emerged with a maturity and quiet wisdom that has touched a worldwide audience. His existentially iconic song, Hallelujah, has been recorded by a plethora of great artists. This talk will introduce listeners to the spiritual themes that have appeared in Leonard Cohen’s work since his first book of poetry in 1956. The talk will be followed by a Q&A period.

David Peloquin is an internationally known author and singer. He views Leonard Cohen as gift from the universe; a prophetic and wise soul with an artist’s vision, and a mystic’s pen. This one- hour talk will draw from Mr. Peloquin’s published essay The Unified Heart and the Blessing to End Disunity; The Spiritual Themes of Leonard Cohen. Several songs of Leonard Cohen will be performed by Mr. Peloquin as part of the program.