Let’s have a party!

We have something to celebrate.  Over the past year or so a number of visitors have joined us at St. Margaret’s, many of them again and again.   Some of these folks are clearly interested in being part of our wonderful congregation. Some may still be just considering.  Let’s welcome them at a special party.

Our coffee hours are good – good friends, good food, good conversations – but they are limited and not everyone gets to them. So let’s spend a Saturday evening getting to know each other better.  We should be able to tell these new folks some of our stories – about the church, about why we chose it, about some of the characters it has known.  Each of us has a special memory, a funny tale, something we are grateful to St. Margaret’s for… perhaps a friendship that started here. Let’s share those stories at a party Saturday, Oct. 12.

We’ll replace our monthly sit down dinner – the global cuisine potluck — with a wine and cheese (and punch, pastries, hors d’oeuvres and desserts) party.  This will still be a potluck, but more finger foods than casseroles. The committee will provide extra beverages – wine and fruit punch and coffee. You may want to bring some as well.

Please come with two things: some tasty goody to share and a story about St. Margaret’s.  We’ve sent invitations to all the newcomers already. They will be our guests.  We can hope they will tell us more about themselves, too.

Let’s have some fun.  We will gather at 6 in the parish hall. Please join us.