Three Off-Site Game Loft Special Programs

Coming of Age in America (the Eureka System) CoA is a program designed by Ray and Patricia Estabrook to teach Maine and U.S. history through role-play. It is designed for high school students and is currently run for elective credit through Mt. View High School. The course is run for 6-8 students and provides an in-depth look at the technology, sociology, politics, religion, and cultural mores of a small town in Maine during a particular era. Coming of Age in America is run in 13 two hour sessions that focus on the lives and histories of young people growing up in Maine. Each unit begins in early childhood and takes the group to the crisis of its generation. Modules for the Civil War, the 1960’s, and the 1880’s have been run in the past ten years. In 2014 a new module on the American Revolution and War of 1812 will be run for credit at Mt. View high school. All of the Coming of Age stories are set in the mythical Norumbega County, Maine setting created by The Estabrooks.

ENCOUNTERS: In 2011 a group of three churches from the Greater Belfast Area Ministerium (First Church UCC, St. Margaret’s Episcopal, and First Baptist, ABC) came together to establish a youth program to explore spiritual growth for middle school youth. In 2012 that group invited The Game Loft to be a fourth partner and to help them establish the ENCOUNTERS program. ENCOUNTERS uses role play, games, discussion, fellowship, and prayer to aid in spiritual development.   The role play element of the program is set in the Norumbega County of the 21st century using the Eureka System of role play. The program is funded by the three churches and grants.

Circles of Care:In 2012 The Game Loft created a program to help young people make constructive decisions for their lives. Each Circle of Care is run like a corporation with a young person as its president. The purpose of the “corporation” is to give young people a sounding board for their decisions in school, in their families, and in their communities. The Circles of Care are made up of community members, an older teen, and a parent. The program receives support from several community programs and local churches.