New dishes for Thanksgiving!

Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving at our potluck Saturday, Nov. 9, with a few truly traditional dishes. The Global Cuisine Potluck theme this month is Native American and you will find a flurry of recipes in the Parish Hall on the Time and Talent Table. Cooks should know, however, that any Thanksgiving side dish will be warmly welcomed.

We may have a number of special guests his month – men from the Re-Entry Center and knitters from the day-long KNIT-A-THON event also being held at St. Margaret’s.

“The three staples of Native American food are corn, squash and beans,” according to the American Indian Heritage Foundation’s website. They are revered for being resourceful people, well versed at using the ingredients readily available such as corn and squash, but also greens, deer meat, berries, wild rice, rabbits, prairie dog, beaver, lamb, buffalo, and pork. “Using wild grains and vegetables was common place,” according to, “along with sage, wild onions, cabbage, pumpkins and cactus.”

Dinner will be at 6. Come early if your dish needs to be reheated or assembled. Remember to bring your own beverages and a friend or two. And, as always, non-cooks are welcome, too. You can help us clean up.