Diocesan Convention at Point Lookout

Two fun and inspiring days at Point Lookout in Northport. The theme was “God’s Kingdom Surrounds Us: Let’s Take it to the Streets.” You can catch a few moments of our opening hymn in the video below. The Rev. Melanie Wright from the Diocese of Fort Worth was our guest speaker, and she spoke of our unique angle and opportunity as Episcopalians to speak to the spiritual hunger in the world and in our communities, through our particular combination of history, sacraments, open inquiry, and mystery. There was an awesome video by the acolyte team at St. Anne’s Windham, and many other highlights. Our delegation of Courtney Collins, John Clapp, Paul Mazur and Judith Cox, alone with Deacon Tom and myself, were joined at table by our friends at Trinity Castine. Faye Ward and Linda Dunson were there for the full two days, helping out on the registration desk and singing in the choir.