News from Mission Outreach

The committee met on Monday, November 18, in the Parish Hall. In the general discussion of poverty in our area, it was pointed out that demand is up at all area food cupboards, probably due to the cut in food stamps and seasonal unemployment. Deacon Tom pointed out the many problems facing the men exiting the re-entry program-among others, low-wage jobs, child support payments, retribution payments, finding affordable housing, transportation.

The committee decided that the Food Cupboard and the Inter-Faith Fuel Fund would be the recipients of the Christmas Giving Tree this year. The tree will be on display in the hall on December 1st, the first Sunday in Advent. Parishioners are invited to give a donation in honor of a friend or relative; cards will be available for the giver to give to the honoree.

By unanimous vote of all committee members present, Episcopal Relief and Development’s Philippine relief effort will receive a $1400 donation from the Mission Outreach allocation for 2013. We will decide on local recipients for the remaining funds at our December meeting.

The next meeting of the committee will be Monday, December 9, at 5:30 p.m.