Deacon’s Corner: Blessings and needs

Peace and blessing to all of you, in the upcoming New Year and thanks to all  who either knitted or purchased winter hats,  bought hats or gloves, or warm stockings for the guys at the Re-Entry Center.  All 28 of the residents of the Center received one Christmas present from us!  As usual, our parishioners came through with their generosity and giving spirit, as they did last Christmas.
And thanks of all of those who purchased and wrapped all those gifts for the family that we adopted for the Christmas holiday.
We will continue our adoption of this family, as a parish outreach program for the New Year.  (This is an outreach project for all the parish, not just for the members of the Outreach Committee)  At this time, I am hoping that someone has one or two chests of drawers, and a twin bed that they no longer need.  We also will need someone who is willing to do some painting, install a tile floor in the family’s bathroom, do some repairs of damaged sheetrock.  Ideally, we would like to get these home renovations completed by late February or early March, before the State Housing Authority does its annual inspection of the home. We also would like two volunteer drivers who could take one Friday of the month, to transport the Mom to the Belfast Food Cupboard, once a month.
It is my hope, and Martha’s hope this will be a true outreach of members of the parish, of your time, and talent, generosity and friendship.  Donations of money may be needed, but it also important that members of this parish become directly involved with this family.
Contact me, if you want more details, or would like to become actively involved with this opportunity to care for others.
In advance of my anticipation of your willingness to extend your generosity to other members of the Body of Christ, I give my thanks to God and to you.
Peace and Blessings.  Tom