Peru is next stop in Global Cuisine series

Travel (vicariously) to Peru with the Uricks! Chris and Dennis Urick will be showing slides of their trip to Arequippa, Lake Titikaka, Colca Canyon, Cuzco, and Macchu Pichu  as well as sharing specials dishes from Peru at our next Global Cuisine Potluck. The date is Saturday, May 10, and anyone who wants a Peruvian recipe will find two dozen of them in the PERU Dinner folder on the Time and Talent Table in the Parish Hall.  Any dish is welcome at this potluck – Peruvian or not – so please join us and bring a guest or two.

The three main staples of a Peruvian diet are potatoes, corn and quinoa.  The potato, domesticated 10,000 years ago high in the Andes mountains, according to the website, has today reached 3800 varieties in Peru. Many of those varieties are described on, so are varieties of corn and dozens of unusual vegetables not seen in the United States like Olluco, an orange root vegetable with red or purple spots, or Mashua, a tuber that has a peppery taste when raw, but not when cooked. Peruvians like to soak it in molasses. Quinoa comes in several varieties also and can be made into a delicious soup (recipe provided in the folder).


Peru is known around the world for its potato and corn varieties, but many do not know that the avocado and tomato have their origins in there as well. According to Limaeasy, Peruvian cooks make “around 2000 different soups” with each region using its native or adapted ingredients.

Dinner will be at 6. Come a bit earlier if your dish needs to be reheated or assembled. If you can’t face cooking, bring bread or ice cream, both are always welcome. Remember to bring your own beverages.