Preparing for Portuguese Potluck

Some of our favorite flavors enhance the dishes popular with Portuguese cooks. Perhaps a few of our enterprising cooks will attempt to use a few of these in a new way at the Global Cuisine Potluck June 14th.             “The Portuguese were the preeminent fishermen and explorers of the 15th Century and early 16th Century,”according to Sara Elliot, author of the portuguese cuisine.blogspot. “They helped map the globe and brought rare spices home for their people to enjoy. the portuguese

Typical_Portuguese_Food_Lwere among the first to experiment with cinnamon, pepper, cloves and nutmeg, modifying their native dishes lot take advantage of these new flavors.”

After the discovery of the new world, Portuguese explorers, like the English and Spanish, introduced their countrymen and women to tomatoes, bell peppers, chiles of all types, potatoes, kidney beans, turkey and avocados. Recipes using these ingredients and plenty more are in the folder on the Time and Talent Table. Please help yourself.. or do your own research into Portuguese specialities…or bring whatever favorite dish you’d like to share. Non-cooks are welcome as well. Bring along a loaf of bread, some cheese or perhaps a pint of ice cream. Or, you can help us clean up after dinner.

Dinner is at 6. Come a bit earlier if your dish needs to be reheated or assembled. Remember to bring your own beverages.