Adult Ed between the services June 8 and 15.

Fr. Ted Kanellakis will be showing the film “Invisible”.   (A DVD produced by the Episcopal Diocese of Maine & Acadia Film Video in Northeast Harbor in collaboration with the Wabanaki of Maine.) We will be doing it in two parts in order to allow time for discussion. Part I on June 8, Part II on June 15. The film includes extended interviews with Gloria Knockwood, Darrel Newell, Dr. Roland Chrisjohn & the Rt. Rev. Chilton Knudsen, former Episcopal Bishop of Maine, who preceded Bishop Stephen Lane.
A quote from the jacket of the DVD: “The Native American people of Maine are invisible.  To most whites they do not exist, and many who do know of the Indians’ presence are ignorant of both their history and their present circumstances.
This film examines some of the history of the relations between the white and Indian communities in Maine.  Through individual voices, it looks at underlying reasons for the racism so deeply embedded in white American culture and how that racism continues to shape Native American reality today.  It then asks how we can begin to change our own racism and confront the invisible racism that underlies much of white American society today.”