Portuguese Potluck on Saturday

Tom Duplessis, Deacon and sometime-chef, recently added additional Portuguese recipes to those provided for our Global Cuisine Potluck Saturday night. If you haven’t chosen a recipe, check out the folder on the Time and Talent Table. All dishes are welcome at this supper. So are any friends you’d like to invite. Several men from the Re-Entry Center will be joining us.

“Portugal has a long coastline and a passion for seafood,”writes blogger Sara Elliot (portuguesecuisine.blogspot.com), “that includes tuna, sardines, swordfish, cod, sea perch, shrimp, crabs, clams, octopus and eel.”A favorite seafood food, however, has to be imported: dried, salted cod, “the signature dish of Portugal,”according to Elliot. “The cod is sweeter and more flavorful after salting…Salted cod is imported from rich fishing grounds in Iceland, Norway, Canada, Newfoundland, Denmark and Nova Scotia.”Bacalhau-Dried-salted-cod-300x300

Dinner will be at 6. Please arrive a bit earlier if your dish needs to be reheated or assembled. remember to bring your own beverages. Non-cooks are welcome, too. Bring along a loaf of bread, some cheese or some ice cream…or help us clean up afterwards.