The committee met on Monday, June 9th, and acted on the following:

1.    Agreed on the St. Margaret’s transportation survey, which will be distributed to all attendees at the parish meeting on June 12th, services on June 15th and 22nd, and mailed to those who are unable to attend any of those. Please let Shelley or Mary Rackmales,, know if you need a survey mailed or brought to you. The survey is designed to fulfill two purposes: First, to inform us of how great may be the need within the parish for transportation to church-related activities and how many volunteers may be available to meet that need. Second, to get a snapshot of parishioners’ experiences and knowledge of Waldo CAP transportation options.

2.    Began the process of distributing throughout the county flyers about Waldo CAP’s “Ride with Pride” program. Please see a member of the committee if you would like information about it.

3.    Agreed on a schedule for the Trauger grantees to make presentations to the parish between services. They will talk about the impact the grant had on their programs, results, successes and/or disappointments. The first will be Waterfall Arts on Sunday, July 13, at 9:15 a.m.

Volunteer Opportunity: As Trauger Fund grants were awarded, one of the things looked for were opportunities for the parish to contribute its hands as well as funds. We have had significant parish involvement with the Soap Closet and Circles of Care. Now Belfast-Area Child Care Services, whose school garden project we supported with Trauger funds, is in full planting, maintaining, and (eventually) harvesting mode. They are looking for one-time or regular volunteers to help with planting, watering, and weeding, as well as some one-time only help to trim overhanging branches, hang a few bird houses, and get the boardwalk firmly fixed. Please call Linda Stec, the director, at 338-1751, to volunteer or for more information. Please tell her you are from St. Margaret’s.

Deacon Tom updated the committee about plans for the Strawberry Festival, which will be held at Arts in the Park, July 12th and 13th. Parishioners will be asked to volunteer for 2-hour shifts between 10 and 4 on Saturday and 12 to 4 on Sunday. Help may also be needed to prepare the strawberries.

Also discussed was the lack of designated funding for mission outreach (except for seed money for such activities as the Strawberry Festival) in this year’s parish budget. Members agreed that this should be considered as the parish meets to develop its profile in the search for a new priest.

If you have questions or suggestions for the committee, please let us know. Members are: Juliet Baker, Joan and Maynard Clemons, Courtney Collins, Judith Cox, John Cuozzo, Tom Duplessie, Cipperly Good, John Gregory, Susie Kraeger, Meg Malmberg, Mary Provo, Mary Rackmales, Sharron Walsh. We welcome new members to the committee or parishioners who would like to attend our meetings, which are usually held on the second Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. The next meeting will be July 14th.