The Women of St. Margaret’s last meeting until September ….

The Women of St. Margaret’s had a wonderful annual meeting and luncheon last Wednesday. There was much discussion of ideas for the coming year…..such as moving the January and February meetings which are often snowed out, to summer months when more of our summer birds may join us. And having a more festive December meeting when we wrap gifts for our community family. We gave $300 to the Deacon’s discretionary fund, as the rector’s fund is frozen until our Interim Priest begins in September. This is a fund to which anyone can donate money and it is used to meet immediate, pressing needs that the deacon encounters in the community. We sent 2 boys to Bishopswood and 1 girl half of her Counselor in Training fees. Many thanks to Mary Bailey, our WSM Bishopswood coordinator, for helping this happen. Our schedule for the coming year will be out in August so stay tuned. Remember, all women are welcome to attend as well as offer ideas for speakers, programs, etc.
Happy Summer to all.

Susan Mayer
President, WSM