The committee met on Monday, July 14, at 5:30 in the Parish Hall. In one of his periodic reports on the effects of poverty in our community, Deacon Tom told us of his efforts to help a disabled person who is being evicted from subsidized housing.

We also heard the results of the transportation survey. Among other findings, the problems of using the lift to access the church and Parish Hall are of particular concern and will be addressed. The full results of the survey will be in next week’s News from the Pews.

Deacon Tom reported that the Strawberry Festival raised approximately $1300 to benefit the GBAM Inter-faith Fuel Fund. The committee voted to reimburse the cost of the biscuits from its “seed money” allocation in the budget.

The committee discussed Waterfall Arts’ excellent presentation about its BRIDGE program of arts education for 6th graders. The program was funded by a grant from our Trauger Fund bequest.

The committee also had an extended discussion of fundraising versus a line item in the parish budget to support our outreach activities in the community.

Effective August 1, the new co-chairs of the committee are Susie Kraeger and Courtney Collins.  Susie may be reached at, phone 322-5013, and Courtney, 323-2010.