Parish buildings upkeep

Dear Parishioners,

The Vestry voted in May to contract with our professional cleaners to have both the church and the parish house cleaned once a week on Monday mornings. Therefore, it is going to be the responsibility of all of us to pick up and clean up where we see the need. The cleaners will empty the trash cans, but if the can needs emptying mid-week, please remove to the container outside the back door and replace the liner. We are making every effort to ensure that supplies are on hand (bin liners, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.) and they are being ordered by Shelley. The monthly “kitchen Queen” takes care of purchasing all purpose cleaner for wiping the tables and counter tops, dish soap, etc.

Please also make sure that all lights are turned off, thermostats returned to correct setting, windows closed, and that the door is locked when you leave. We are all making an effort to conserve energy.

We all thank Keith Dunson for his many years of loyal service. We want to form a Building Stewardship Team comparable to Altar Guild, who will take care of minor building needs on a scheduled/roster basis. We will be looking for volunteers soon – stay posted!

The Vestry