Blue Vestments?

Some of us remember the season of Advent as a penitential season, much like Lent. The 1979 Book of Common Prayer restored the theme of expectation to the season of Advent. In keeping with this emphasis, the Sarum Rite (i.e., the traditions associated with Salisbury Cathedral, England) adopted the use of a dusty-blue color for Advent, rather than the violet which is associated with the season’s former penitential nature.

The Sarum Rite is noted for its distinctive scheme of liturgical colors, which differs somewhat from that used in the Roman Catholic and most Protestant churches, surviving only on an optional basis in the Anglican churches, such as the Church of England and the Episcopal Church. In the Sarum Rite, blue rather than purple is authorized during Advent. The shade of blue used during Advent resembles royal blue, and is referred to as “Sarum blue.”

A most generous family of St. Margaret’s has donated our new Sarum blue vestments — chasuble, priest’s stole, and deacon’s stole — in thanksgiving for blessings they have received. We shall bless the vestments and use them for the first time on the Second Sunday of Advent, December 7.