Global Cuisine News

Dinner and travelogue! St. Margaret’s next Global Cuisine Potluck comes with pictures and storytelling from Chris and Dennis Urick who visited the country (now called Myanmar) in December. They will prepare a few of the foods they tasted. Our supper will be Saturday, Feb. 14th and we welcome your contributions to the meal. Burmese recipes will be featured, but all dishes are welcome. Chris hopes to make (with a few friends) a variation of tamarind leaf curry, coconut rice, samosas and peanuts with lemongrass and kafir lime. Plan to join us. Dinner is at 6. Come a bit earlier if your dish needs to be reheated or assembled. Remember to bring your own beverages. Non-cooks are welcome, too. Bring along some ice cream or volunteer to help us clean up. We are always grateful for help.