Global Cuisine News

Why not try Tuscan recipes? Our March potluck, on Saturday, the 14th, will focus on Italian foods. If we’re lucky, perhaps the Whitlocks will tell us about their latest adventure in Florence and share Tuscan recipes and pictures. They are there now.

For ideas about what you might like to cook next month, visit this website: You will find some terrific recipes and information about Tuscan specialties. Among them a cheese souffle, a cannellini bean and tuna salad, Tuscan penne with walnut-garlic sauce which sounds particularly promising, a wine-braised pork with olives recipe and ravioli in duck ragu among others.

“Tuscany’s food is much like Tuscany’s landscape: clean, sober, and soothingly simple,” according to the rustico cooking website cited above. Tuscans build their characteristic dishes “on a savvy interplay of vegetables, beans, saltless bread, and fruity olive oil.” Their favorite aromatics (thyme, rosemary, and fennel) “are used judiciously, never squandered or wasted. Sharp sheep’s milk cheese from artisanal dairies lends saltiness and pungency to pastas, savory pies, and salads, and robust grains like farro (emmer wheat) add bulk to soups … Ravioli and tortelli, the region’s classic stuffed pastas, are filled with ricotta or potatoes and pancetta, then napped with butter and sage, tomato sauce, or a meat ragù.”

Any dishes are welcome at this potluck — from other regions of Italy or from Downeast Maine — just bring enough to share and bring a few friends. Dinner will be at 6.