Spring Celebration/Cinco de Mayo

Let’s celebrate spring as well as Cinco de Mayo at our Mexican potluck next Saturday night, May 9th.  If you need inspiration about what to cook for our supper, check The Latin Kitchen website:  http://thelatinkitchen.com/r/origin/mexican-food-recipes .  You will find a series of delicious-sounding recipes with enticing illustrations.

taco-de-camaron-al-tequila_mainHere’s a brief list:  Tequila shrimp tacos, quacamole, serrano-lime marinated shrimp, stuffed chayotes (squash), empalmes (filled and grilled tortillas), cortadillo norteño ( a beef stew), pan de elotede Monterrey (a traditional bread), chiles toreados, rice with shrimp and pineapple, and potato poblano enchiladas.

Dinner will be at 6. Come a bit earlier if your dish needs to be reheated or assembled. Remember to bring your own beverages.  If you’ve been to Mexico, bring your pictures or scrapbooks and show the rest of us.  As always, non-cooks are welcome, too. You can help us clean up