We need you! Just for a week…


A ministry has been formed at St. Margaret’s to provide good stewardship of our buildings and is aptly called the Building Stewardship Team.

The teams will work in a similar way to Altar Guild with co-leaders (Don Cox 930-3634 and John Cuozzo 781-771-4692) and a schedule of volunteers who will sign up for responsibilities on a weekly or multiple week basis.  We are asking for a minimum of one volunteer per week and if you have a preference for team partners please state that along with the week you prefer.

The responsibilities include:

*    Making sure all doors are locked
*    Lights off
*    Thermostats turned to correct setting
*    Coffee pot burners and stove turned off
*    A sweep of the church and Parish Hall to make sure stuff is picked up
*    Back-up assistance with removing trash can(s) to curbside

*    Advise Don or John of any problems that you may observe that you cannot readily correct.Don or John will then notify either Shelley to contact professional or B&G Committee.

A sign-up sheet will be on the Time and Talent Table.
For those without assigned keys, a key ring with Parish House and Church keys is available.