Next potluck takes us south

An Argentinian barbecue — known in that country as “an asado” — may tempt our Court Street neighbors to St. Margaret’s monthly Global Cuisine Potluck. On Saturday, July 11, here is what you might find on smoking on the grills in our back parking lot:

Argentinian barbecueChorizos (small pork sausages), morcilla (blood sausages), tira de asado (short ribs), vacio (flank steak), bife ancho (rib-eye steak), lomo (tenderloin), mollejas (sweetbreads cooked until crispy). Imagine the aromas.

Vagabundo Magazine writer Guillermo Astigarraga has this to say: “Argentina is known  the world over for its meat, one of the nation’s basic foodstuffs … A barbecue in Argentina is a half-day long family affair that unveils the nature of the country and its people. Of course you can eat grilled meat at countless restaurants, shortly after you get off the plane at the airport in Buenos Aires. But sitting at a restaurant expecting a waiter to bring the food to your table is nothing like sharing the grilling from scratch… An asado is the social event of the week.”

Let’s try it. Google “Argentinian Barbecue” for recipes and bring friends. Dinner will be at 6.