Calling all cooks and chefs!

Our 100th Anniversary reception for 120 parishioners, guests and community dignitaries is just around the corner.  We hope everyone EVERYONE will come and celebrate our wonderful church and our very special congregation.  Put it on your calendar now:   Saturday, Sept. 19th. Evensong at 4 p.m.  Reception following.

Then, choose what dish you want to prepare for the finger food banquet table.  Sign-up sheets are on the Time and app-table-olivesTalent Table in the Parish Hall.  There are still lots of choices: Gazpacho, crostini, stuffed mushrooms, vegetable or fruit platters, deviled eggs, pâté.  Some recipes are provided for these offerings. Your own recipes are warmly welcomed as well.  Just let us know soon what you are bringing.

The Parish Hall will be set up for our over-flow crowd of  well-wishers starting about 3 p.m., so all foods and donations to the vegetable and fruit platters must be delivered to the kitchen between 1 and 2 p.m.  Call Nan Cobbey 338-1198 or Anne Collins at 338-9551 if you have any questions or suggestions.