Crostini!  We need crostini!

St. Margaret’s celebration of our first 100 years together continues in mid-September when our friends and neighbors and community officials join us for Evensong and a party.  We don’t want you to miss this event…   and we need you to help us put it on.  Let’s put out a spread that will absolutely confirm our reputation in the city as the most welcoming Episcopal parish around, full of good cooks and great hosts.Untitled

Here’s what we need: Crostini!  Those crispy, two-bite savories are really nothing more than toasted French or Italian bread with ingeniously varied toppings.   Make up some fabulous combinations. Be creative. Here’s what else we need:  fruit, cheese, vegetable platters.  Look for the sign-up sheets on the time and Talent Table.  Add your own ideas if you like.  But, please, put this party on your calendar now: Saturday, Sept. 19th,  4 p.m. for Evensong. Our party follows.  Don’t miss it!