Global cuisine comes home

Our Chili Cook-off a few weeks ago drew 21 hungry diners and about half that many pots of chili. We finished almost ll of it!  unnamed
St. Margaret’s next Global Cuisine Potluck, on Saturday, Nov. 14, will showcase New England. Cindy Frost is in charge of a Maine Harvest Supper.  Members of the committee will be bringing dishes made with vegetables or fruits from their gardens. We hope you will, too.  Old family recipes featuring fall dishes would be great.  So would be new recipes you might be trying out for Thanksgiving this year.  We look forward to having several men from the Re-Entry Center with us.
As usual, dinner will be at 6. Come a bit earlier if your dish needs to be reheated. Remember to bring your own beverages.  Non-cooks are always welcome. We love having your help with clean up.  Why not invite a few friends… it’s a great way to introduce St. Margaret’s.