Clergy gathering with Bishop Lane

Christopher+ attended a clergy gathering with Bishop Lane on October 8th at St. Patrick’s, Brewer.   Part of the presentation and discussion involved Diocesan norms and expectations regarding worship and liturgy.
We are encouraged to embrace the fullness of worship opportunities in the Book of Common Prayer, Enriching Our Worship, and multiple musical resources.   Many in our parish noticed that we used Eucharistic Prayer C in recent weeks in response to this encouragement.   This Sunday we will return to Eucharistic Prayer A.
A gift of our Episcopal tradition is that we don’t have to fear changes or temporary new ways of doing things.  Remember, there was a time when parishes had spirited discussions about whether or not it was proper to have candles on the altar or if the altar should be freestanding or against the wall.   We also have a reverence for tradition.   St. Margaret’s has a long history of honoring the past, being present in contemporary times, while looking ahead to the future.
St. Margaret’s liturgy committee has been restructured to better utilize the skills and gifts of members.  Some longtime faithful members will continue to be available as consultants.   The liturgy committee has a balance of longterm and newer leadership.
We will meet quarterly, looking broadly at seasons of the liturgical year, considering how to enhance beloved forms of worship in the parish and exploring what additional forms of worship may be added.
Education around our liturgical life will be communicated through News from the Pews, the Sunday bulletin, parish website, and sermons.