Vestry Highlights

At its regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10, the Vestry:

* Approved presenting a proposed budget totaling $190,750 for 2016 for discussion at the Annual Meeting Part 1 on Sunday Nov. 15.  A final budget will be voted on in January.

* Approved dedicating a tithe of 10 percent of St. Margaret’s endowment income, less the amount that must be paid for the Diocesan assessment, to fund outreach. How Mission OutReach for Engagement (M.O.R.E) will use these funds will be discussed further by the committee and the Vestry.

* Approved withdrawing 10 percent of the Whidden bequest of $116,000 from a fund acting as endowment and designating it for outreach.  The money will be combined with $2834 remaining in the Trauger outreach fund for a project or projects in the next five years as recommended by M.O.R.E. and approved by the Vestry.

* Authorized spending $1320 to replace the steps and railings leading to the library entrance of the Parish House and to replace the railings on the front steps that lead to the office.

* Committed the church to making our Rector Christopher+ available to serve as chaplain at Camp Bishopswood for one week every summer as a way to expand ministry to local and parish youth.