New Life!

We start with the new fire, we trace our history through Scripture, we celebrate Christ and then we welcome the light, His resurrection, and new life.  That’s the Great Vigil of Easter, the most awe-inspiring service of the Christian year and, this year, we are hosting it here at St. Margaret’s for all the Episcopal and Lutheran churches of the midcoast.  The date is Saturday, April 15th.

The picture above is the “lighting of the new fire” at an Episcopal Church in another diocese. The Pascal candle is lit from that new fire and then everyone present lights their candle from candles the acolytes carry forward into a darkened sanctuary.  The beginning of the service is conducted in the obscurity of a church illumined only by those candles. We hear the Exsultet sung or chanted. We hear our faith history read. We sing. We commune. We celebrate. We ring bells (bring any bells you have — sleigh bells, dinner bells, chimes, cymbals— you will be cued at the right moment).  We make a great joyful noise…. and then … we party!

Let’s REALLY party.  Let’s spread out the most luscious, lavish, delicious display of desserts our guests will have ever seen. They’ve always provided lovely receptions for guests after the vigil in their churches, traditional and correct.  But now it’s our turn. Let’s knock it out of the park.  Think chocolate, caramel, whipped cream. Think Baked Alaska, Plum Cake with Brandy, pie à la mode. Think tiramisu, crème caramel, pralines and gingerbread. Think Red Velvet and German Chocolate cake, trifle and marrons glacés. Think tortes, fools, buckles. Think cheesecake.

This is the best evening of the year. Please come share it — come worship, sing and celebrate with us.