Coffee Hour Schedule and Guidelines

Coffee hour schedule –2013 to 2014

Coffee Hour Responsibilities:
1. Make 2 pots regular and 1 pot of decaf coffee and put them into the carafes. Prepare another pot of regular coffee & leave it on the warmer. There are measures for both water and coffee by the coffee maker. Make more coffee/decaf as needed. Coffee is found by the coffee maker. Recommend time to start brewing coffee 8:30 to 8:40 am.
2. Put out cups from the cabinet to the left of the coffee maker. 3. Put out the cream/half and half from the refrigerator or use what you brought. 4. Put out sugar and sweetner. 5. Put out juice glasses and juice from the refrigerator or use what you brought.
6. Put out goodies that you brought. There are plates, napkins etc in the labeled cabinets. Also check the refrigerator and freezer to see if there are any leftovers from previous coffee hours. For goodies you can bake your own or purchase. Fruit, crackers and cheese are also a good choice.
7. It might be a good idea to keep watch over the goodies and coffee to add more when necessary.
8. After the 9:00 coffee hour is over: a. put goodies in the refrigerator or freezer (label and date if freezer) b. wash cups, pots, glasses and flatware. Washing can be done by hand or in
dishwasher. Instructions for running dishwasher are posted on the bulletin
board over the dishwasher. c. check that the counters are clean, and that everything is put away d. make sure warming switches on the coffee maker are turned off e. dish towels can be left on the drying rack
9. Items to bring to coffee hour: a. cream/half & half
b. goodies (baked or purchased) c. juice
The Women of St. Margaretʼs provide the coffee for coffee hour please let one of them know if the supply is low.
Thank you for making our coffee hour experience a success!