Sunday School Schedule  

The month of May Sunday School will be between the services at 9:15-10:00.

The last day of Sunday School will be Pentecost Sunday, June 4th at 9:15-10:00. You better start practicing your Pig Latin!

Encounters: Christian Teen Formation

St. Margaret’s partners with First Church, Belfast, the First Baptist Church and leaders from the Game Loft  to pilot a new approach to Christian formation for teens. We are very excited about a new program that features role play as a way to explore Christian themes like hospitality, trust, mystery. Through role-playing, teens (and adults — they get characters too!) get to take on a character that allows them to react or respond in different ways to situations that relate to every day life situations (or perhaps a wee bit exaggerated. The first gathering featured the release of a boa in a third grade class!) After the roleplay we have a disussion about what happened and what we learned from a Christian perspective. One of the teens said after the first gathering: “I thought this would be a lot of really boring talk, but it turned out to be really fun!”  We are so grateful too for the creativity, energy and experience of Game Loft folks Patricia and Ray Estabrook and Alex Knight. Stay tuned!