Memorial Garden

The tradition of burial within the precincts of Christian churches goes back many centuries. A memorial garden where the ashes of the deceased are interred is a feature of many churches and cathedrals throughout the world. Cremation has long been accepted by the Church of England and the Episcopal Church. Most denominations consider it to be an acceptable, proper and dignified way of treating the human body at the time of death.

St. Margaret’s offers to members of the parish, former members, clergy who have served St. Margaret’s Church, their baptized forebears, descendants, and spouses the advantages of a place for permanent committal of cremated remains on consecrated church grounds.

Located behind the Church and Parish House, St. Margaret’s Memorial Garden was completed in the Spring of 2003. The garden design lends itself to quiet meditation in a natural setting. The garden is beautifully planted with perennials such as rhododendrons, azaleas, lilies, iris, as well as colorful annuals. There are birdbaths and plantings to bring birds into the garden. Benches are placed within the garden for meditation, reading and prayer.

Ashes will be placed directly into the ground without a container. This “common” or “in-ground” committal is done in several selected areas in the garden. Interment sites in the garden remain unmarked. A bronze plaque permanently affixed to the side of the Connector records the names and dates of those buried in the common ground.

A common in-ground burial at the present time can be provided for a donation of $500. This includes the interment service, memorial plaque and perpetual care, but does not include the cost of cremation which must be arranged with a funeral home.

Our Rector is available to discuss cremation as an option for Christian burial. St. Margaret’s Parish Office is open from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday through Friday. We encourage you to visit the Memorial garden giving plaque

For more information please call or e-mail the parish office.

St. Margaret’s Funeral Planning Guide.

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In June, 2013 the garden was rejuvenated and freshened with new shrubs, a privacy fence, and new granite benches. The work was done by parish volunteers and the help of Scott and Dan from the Re-Entry Center. Thanks also to the parishioners who generously donated the shrubs and benches.

Photographic documentation of the transformation follows: