St. Margaret’s OUTREACH ministry

Everyone in our parish has the opportunity to serve in some way to spread the Gospel of Christ outside our walls.  Some are initiators of new projects, some do the same ministry on a monthly basis, and some are active on an as needed basis.  We believe that all efforts meet with God’s approval.

Currently, the following projects have contact people within the parish, and updates are given monthly at meetings or as needed.  A monthly report is given to the Vestry as well as published in our newsletter and leaflet:

  • Broadreach Family and Children’s Services
  • The Game Loft:
    • Teen Encounters
    • Circles of Care
    • Chefs of the month
  • Food Cupboard 
  • Interfaith Fuel Fund
  • Knit the Community
  • New Hope for Women
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Soap Closet
  • Tutoring/mentoring at 2 Belfast Schools
  • Window Dressers
  • Midcoast ReEntry Center/Restorative Justice
  • Gerry Owens House
  • Hats for Hugs

 Funding for programs is allocated by application to the committee, which recommends funding support to the Vestry for their approval three times per year. Current funding of the Outreach committee comes from a tithed amount of our endowment funds.  Specific fund raising events are also offered throughout the year such as a KnitAThon, KnitMainea, Strawberry Festival, yard sales, etc.

We truly believe in taking our ministry ‘into the highways and byways’ of St. Margaret’s community.