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Vestry Highlights

From July 14, 2015 Vestry Meeting: The Vestry and Christopher received an in-depth Financial Report and presentation from our Treasurer Don Cox, Building Chair, presented a report and estimates for the church, connector, and...

Interfaith Fuel Fund-raiser – a success!

Thanks to Tom, our Deacon, who orchestrated the strawberry shortcake fundraiser this past weekend. Thanks, also, to the many parishioners who took part in this endeavor.

Come to the barbecue party!

A special guest speaker will be attending our July Global Cuisine Potluck tomorrow night, a native Argentinian. Catalina Fernandes Grant has agreed to tell us all about Argentina, its culture and its cuisine. She’ll...

A surprise visit during strawberry prep

Mary, Marian, Pat, Courtney, Peter, and Tom were busy prepping  strawberries for the upcoming strawberry shortcake fundraiser next weekend, and in popped our new Rector for a surprise visit!